How To Use Tinder Without Facebook And Protect Your Privacy

Tinder is an extremely popular dating app but it is also a huge risk for your privacy, since it’s connected to your Facebook. This article will help to you to protect your privacy on Tinder and explain the option of using Tinder without Facebook (your real Facebook, that is).

Yes, you can only sign up to Tinder with a Facebook account. But who said that it must be your real Facebook account?

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So here is are tips for enhanced Tinder privacy:

1. Use a "burner" Facebook account for Tinder

It's perfectly legitimate and simple to create a new Facebook account in seconds, upload your Tinder photos and use it for your Tinder sign up.

Keep in mind, that if you have the Facebook app on your mobile, Tinder will use your "real" profile from the Facebook app. In this case, if you really need the Facebook app on your phone and don't mind it listening to your conversations, you have to disable Tinder app's permission to access your Facebook profile.

2. Don't use your real name

Don't use your real name when you create the burner Facebook account. Come up with some popular name and use it when you register for Facebook.

If you do use your real name, people will still be able to look you up using the Swipebuster service, which lets anyone search for people on Tinder using their name and location. If they don't have your name, they cannot look you up.

As an added bonus,  discussing your real name with your matches will be a great conversational topic.

3. Don't link your Instagram account

Tinder offers the option to link your Instagram account to your profile.

We really don't have to tell you that it is a bad idea, if you care about your privacy. Even if your Instagram is anonymous, it is highly likely that there will be at least some tells in your photos regarding your identity.

4. Max out the privacy settings on your real Facebook account

If you're using your real Facebook account for Tinder, at least make sure that the privacy settings are set to maximum privacy.

Make sure that your friends list is set to Private. That way, you will not show mutual friends with other Tinder users.

Keep your publicly visible Facebook details to the minimum, so that your Tinder matches won't be able to find you on Facebook.

5. Make sure that your phone is not tapped

As per our guide, make sure that your phone is not tapped and that there is no spy apps or spyware secretly installed on it.


While it's technically impossible to use Tinder without Facebook, it's perfectly simple to use Tinder without revealing your real Facebook account. Create a burner Facebook account, use Tinder only from a secure cell phone and keep your privacy!

Now that you've secured your privacy on Tinder, get the best Tinder hacks!

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