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The 3 Unbelievable Ways They Can Spy On Your Tinder

Disclaimer: Information is provided here solely for educational purposes. With more than 50 million active users, it’s surprising how few people know that it’s easy to spy on Tinder messages. Read on to discover how it can be done. Tinder is a mobile app that has come out of nowhere to dominate the global dating […]

Spytexter – Is It A Scam? Does Spy Text Work?

This is a review of Spytexter/ text spy services. If you want the executive summary: these services are SCAMS and don’t work, as you’ve probably seen for yourself.  Review of: / / Effectiveness Simply a scam Price Free Ease of use Doesn’t work but at least easy to enter a number […]

Cell Phone Spy App – Legit or Scam?

Do you want to know if text spy apps work? Services like spytexter and promise to spy on texts but they are actually hoaxes that exploit your natural curiosity. See our research to learn all about these scams if you really want. On the other hand, real cell phone spy apps like FlexiSPY and […]