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Telegram vs. Signal: The Twitter Showdown

The competition between secure messaging apps has been getting hotter for a while. It all started with this strong claim by Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram: The encryption of Signal (=WhatsApp, FB) was funded by the US Government. I predict a backdoor will be found there within 5 years from now. — Pavel Durov […]

Is Pokémon GO a Military Psy-Op?

Illustration by Jim Cooke This is a conspiracy-minded article from a Russian writer Artem Dragunov, originally posted here. It’s difficult to agree with all of his conclusions, but the article certainly gives food for thought… Hypothetical Scenarios Let’s assume… Assume that I am an evil, terrible man who is plotting to destroy the world while […]

‘Pokémon Go’ – The Android Malware Edition

Hackers are already piggybacking off the huge success of the ‘Pokémon Go’ game. The augmented reality mobile game has only been released last week but has already found the way into more than 5% of US smartphones. Security firm Proofpoint has reported about a malicious version of the Pokemon Go app, found in the wild. […]

Gun-like iPhone Case Caught at Stansted Airport

According to the Essex police department, a passenger has tried to go through security at London’s Stansted airport with an iPhone case that is designed to look like a gun. You have a split second decision to make … #WhatWouldYouDo #joblikenoother #AirportCops — Essex Police STN (@EssexPoliceSTN) July 6, 2016 Needless to say, the […]

This Top 20 Popular App Might Be Stealing Your Data

According to a cyber-security company Pentest report, a top 20 popular app on Google Play store has been surreptitiously stealing users’ data without their permission. This app is called Flash Keyboard, a replacement for Android’s stock keyboard. Pentest’s investigation showed that Flash Keyboard has been uploading user information to various servers located in China, United States and […]

Depiction Of Android Spyware in Mr. Robot?

So, what Android spyware does appear in Mr. Robot?  In the “Debug” (“eps1.2_d3bug.mkv”) episode of the awesome Mr. Robot TV series, Tyrell Wellick, the show’s antagonist so far, is shown installing a backdoor on a lover’s phone in order to steal corporate secrets. The target is in the shower and his phone is unattended — Tyrell only […]

What Cell Phone Spy App is Featured on HBO Series VICE?

“State of Surveillance”, Episode 4.13 of the HBO series VICE features an incredible demonstration of cell phone spy app capabilities. The featured app is so powerful that Edward Snowden feels the need to demonstrate how to physically disable cell phone’s mic and camera(see image above) so that journalists will be safe from tracking and spying. […]