How To Deal With Cyberbullying On Social Media: Tips, Hints and Recommendations

Dealing with Cyberbullying on Social Media: Things to Remember

The process of using technology to bully people is called cyberbullying. Today, cyberbullying on social media has become a great concern, especially for kids. Indeed, it can make the person feel hurt, humiliated, depressed, angry, and even suicidal. As a result, it can have a negative impact on their further life. Needless to note, there are so called “bully-victims,” or in other words, people, usually kids, that are both bullied and bully others. This is the most at-risk for mental health problems group. That is why no type of bullying should ever be tolerated.
The key cyberbullying on social media prevention and dealing with tips include:
• Reporting threats of harm or any kind of inappropriate sexual messages to the police.
• Before you react, take a deep breath and consider their motive. Maybe sometimes talking to the child that bullies will be enough to stop any kind of cyberbullying.
• Use a reputable parental control app, such as mSpy to safeguard your teens against bullies and other kinds of online harassment. mSpy also allows you to block unwanted people from reaching your kids.
• Make sure your kids are mature enough to use the apps and services; block the age-inappropriate ones with mSpy.

Facebook Cyberbullying/ Several Issues to Keep in Mind

bullying on facebook

Cyberbullying, in particular Facebook cyberbullying, is hard to deal with because FB is the most widely used social platform around the world. For teens that means that once they are bullied on Facebook, their friends, classmates and friends of their friends and even people they do not personally know will laugh at them.
To deal with Facebook cyberbullying, you should:
• Talk to children, telling about all the consequences cyberbullying on social media can bring and teach them how to react once they become the target.
• Install mSpy on your kids’ devices and block unwilling people or risky apps and websites.
• Delete signs of Facebook cyberbullying, making screenshots beforehand. By doing this the proof of cyberbullying will remain for you to solve the issue, but the others, including your kid will not see it any more.
• By the way, you can also report abuse on the Facebook help page.

Snapchat Cyberbullying

snapchat cyberbullying

Snapchat Cyberbullying is also a great challenge among teens as it can knock their self-esteem.
To cope with Snapchat cyberbullying, you should:
• Teach kids how to respond when they become a target of cyber bullying or sexual harassment, ask them to tell you about that the moment the harassment takes place.
• Block bullies on Snapchat. Read this to find out how to do this.
• Install mSpy and restrict dangerous people from contacting your child.
Anyway, cyberbullying on social media is hard to deal with; and no one should tolerate it. If you see any form of cyberbullying on social media, do not be silent, tell the person to stop or take needed measures. There is a blocking option in the majority of social media services, do use it. Don’t forget that you can also report the problem to the service. Finally, installing mSpy onto your kids’ mobile devices sounds a cool idea if you wish to safeguard your children against cyberbullying and other online threats.