Freedome VPN Review 2017

Final Score
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Freedome VPN is a complete online privacy and security solution from a noted European vendor F-Secure. Freedome offers both a VPN (virtual private network) that cloaks your real IP while encrypting all your traffic and a protection from phishing sites, malware and various advertising trackers. Basically, it’s two products in one package: VPN and real-time protection.

What is VPN?

As you probably already know, a lot of Internet users are switching to VPNs in order to protect their privacy. With a VPN, your traffic (including your browsing history) is encrypted and made to look like it originates from a different IP address, a server belonging to your VPN provider. Normally, VPN providers own servers in multiple countries, so you can appear to surf from an IP in Hong Kong while actually residing in London, UK. The benefit of this “location spoofing” is enhanced privacy and also access to content which might be locked in your country. See the annoying “this video is unavailable in your country” message? No problem, just switch your IP to a country in which the content is available!

Freedome VPN Testing setup

We have used a 13’’ Macbook Pro laptop and an Android mobile phone for this test. Freedome VPN is also compatible with Windows (8.1 and 10) and iPhone, however a Windows Phone client is not offered.

Freedome VPN Pricing

Freedome’s pricing is pretty simple:

$49.99 yearly to protect 3 devices ($4.17 per month)

$59.99 yearly to protect 5 devices ($5 per month)

$79.99 yearly to protect 7 devices ($6.67 per month)

These plans include unlimited VPN traffic and a 30 days of money back guarantee, no questions asked.

A monthly plan is not offered at this point by F-Secure.

F-Secure offers a free 30 days trial of Freedome so you can test drive the service without any limitations and without providing your credit card.

Freedome VPN Setup and UI

You don’t need any technical expertise to setup Freedome. Just click on the install button and the installer handles all the hard work.

After the installation you get a window with a central button to turn on/off the VPN. You can also choose your desired location from Freedome’s 27 server around the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The sidebar on the left offers additional Freedome’s features:

Browsing protection blocks all phishing and malware sites if by any chance you browse to one.

  • Tracking protection protects your privacy by blocking commercial data trackers hiding in websites, especially in online ads.
  • Private search lets you google anonymously without any data being collected.
  • Tracker mapper neatly shows you all the blocked attempts to track your browsing habits.

On a mobile phone Freedome’s setup follows a similar route. Just install the app, enter your license details and Freedome will be ON.

Speed and Performance

We have tested our download and upload speed with and without Freedome.

While connected to Freedome’s Singapore server we got 4.48 Mbps download and upload speeds

Without using the VPN we got around 4.8 Mbps download and upload

Freedome slowed down our Internet connection just by 6%, which is very reasonable.

While using Freedome from the US, the speed is particularly impressive

Does Freedome VNS leak DNS?

DNS leak is a potential breach of your privacy while using VPN. It means that while your main traffic goes through the VPN, your DNS requests (your device attempts to resolve domain names into IP addresses) go through your usual Internet provider. If a VPN leaks, you end up with your Internet provider knowing your whole browser history. Which goes against the whole point of using VPN.

We have tested Freedome VPN on and found that Freedome VPN doesn’t leak DNS – it is safe.

When using Freedome’s Singapore server, the DNS requests go through it – so there are no leaks


We definitely recommend F-Secure’s Freedome VPN for a couple of reasons. There are many VPN providers, but there is none with such a great reputation as F-Secure, which has been developing cybersecurity products for 25 years! They used to be famous for their top notch PC antivirus and Freedome is following the trend of providing premium protection for today’s challenges. F-Secure is also located in Finland which has very strict privacy and data protection laws.

Another important reason, that Freedome is not just a VPN. It also provides extra online security by blocking phishing, malware sites and tracking. Freedome protects you from hackers, advertisers and even government surveillance.

I have been using Freedome for a couple of months on two devices and am very satisfied. Top recommendation!

Freedome VPN Review 2017
Reader Rating1 Vote9
Easy to set up and to use immediately
Additional online protection from phishing, malware sites and tracking
27 Servers around the world
No monthly plan option
Slightly slows down Internet speed
Some servers block torrenting
Final Score
F-Secure Freedome VPN is an excellent solution for online security, offering both a VPN and a malware/phishing/tracking protection in one package and for all your devices.
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