mSpy 2016 User Review – Does mSpy Work?

Review of:   mSpy mobile monitoring


mSpy works well on mobile devices and on desktops


To get a cheaper price you need a long subscription

Ease of use

User dashboard is incredibly intuitive and easy to use


Premium support is available

We Like

  • mSpy is easy to use and the dashboard is intuitive
  • mSpy can work on an iPhone without jailbreak – very important!

We Don’t Like

  • Some features are available only after jailbreak

Summary: mSpy is an excellent choice for monitoring any mobile device. It tracks all WhatsApp messages, SMS texts, media and locations at all time. mSpy works well on both Android and iOS devices.

It even offers a “no jailbreak” option for iOS which allows you to fully track an iPhone without installing anything on it.

After installation mSpy is easy to use and its user dashboard is very intuitive. We’ve never had any problem!

From $16.67 / month

A year ago I’ve started to look for a mobile monitoring app, because my children were growing up and I was getting a bit concerned.

mSpy 2016 parent review

All those news stories about cyberbullying, online predators preying on vulnerable teens and even radicalization worries were keeping me awake at night.

So I’ve decided to use mobile monitoring on their phones.

Call me paranoid, but I wanted to make my children safer and feel safe myself.

I ended up picking mSpy for several reasons.

  • My working hours are quite long and it makes it hard to know everything that’s going on in my children’s lives.

    Of course, I would want to spend more time with them but those bills need to be paid.

    That’s why I felt a need for some kind of “digital babysitter” to help.

  • I’ve heard that mSpy can monitor the phone in complete stealth mode.

    The thing is, I felt a bit suspicious about one of my son’s friends. His older brother had a bad reputation and I was feeling uneasy when my son went to visit their house.

    Instead of confronting my son, I preferred to clarify things on my own.

  • My daughter was growing up quickly and I was worried that in her innocence she could be targeted by  an online predator.

    There are so many of these guys in apps like Snapchat, sick adults pretending to be teenagers, and I learned that mSpy could completely monitor Snapchat and the likes of it.

  • mSpy can spy on iPhone texts without installing anything and without jailbreak

Luckily, nothing bad happened in the past year, but mSpy still proved to be very useful and I am really grateful for this app.

That one time that my son had lost his wallet and I could immediately find out his location with mSpy and go get him.

That one time when my daughter received an inappropriate text and I could silently block the sender.

And many other times that I’d rather not share…

mSpy 2016 review by a parent

Recently, I did tell them about mSpy and initially they’d been understandably annoyed about the whole thing,

But all those times when I could bail them out of trouble thanks to mSpy helped them understand the usefulness of it.

If you’re reading this, I guess you want to know what mSpy actually does and how does it work.

What Is mSpy

mSpy is a monitoring app(some even call it a “spy app”) that can be installed on almost any cell phone or tablet.

The installation is reasonably simple(you can get help from their technical support) and there even an option of using mSpy without jailbreak.

After the app is installed on a device, it’s completely undetectable.

What mSpy Can Monitor

mSpy dashboard

mSpy user dashboard

After mSpy has been installed on a device, the app’s user can monitor the following:

  • All the texts, both incoming and outgoing, sent via SMS or any messaging app like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Telegram, Facebook and more.
  • The full call logs, for both incoming and outgoing calls. This includes the time of calls, their duration and the dialed/calling numbers. User will be able to blacklist any number from calling the device.
  • ​All the media (photos and videos) taken by the device and sent/received by the device via texting and sharing.
  • ​All the emails sent or received on the device
  • ​Full browser history on the device (visited websites)
  • All Tinder messages and Tinder user settings
  • The list of all locations where the device has physically been, including the current location. The user will be able to geofence the device, in other words, configure an alert when the device leaves or enters a configured geographical area or location.
  • The list of all the installed apps on the device
  • All events in the calendar
  • Full contact list
  • Anything typed on a device, including passwords (mSpy is a keylogger as well)
  • The user will also be able to block unwanted websites and configure the mSpy app to send an alert whenever a set keyword appears in an email or a text. For example, mSpy can send you an email as soon as the word “weed” appears in an incoming text message.

Advanced mSpy Services

Some services are offered exclusively by mSpy and are not available from any other monitoring app.

  • Full Remote Control – From the mSpy dashboard you will be able to remotely wipe the phone (for example, if it’s lost), block phone from usage during certain hours, blacklist certain website and incoming calls from certain numbers.
  • mSpy has excellent 24/7 technical support via chat/email, and they also offer premium phone support which can be purchased separately.
  • A reasonable refund policy is offered to customers.
  • Online demo site that lets you kick the tires, so to speak, and see how the different functions work.

mSpy Packages

mSpy pricing

mSpy offers two packages: Basic and Premium.

While mSpy Basic lets you to monitor almost everything on a mobile phone, mSpy Premium adds the options to remotely control the phone and it also monitors messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

You can always start with Basic and upgrade to Premium if and when the need arises.


I’ve been using mSpy for a year now and so far I am completely satisfied with this app. It’s been a fantastic “babysitter” for my children’s phones. It was easy to install on both phones and the user dashboard is intuitive and simple to understand.

The software has been working very well and on rare occasions where I’ve experienced a glitch, mSpy technical support was always able to help me out quickly.

Even if I could go with a cheaper software product, I strongly believe that mSpy’s quality and customer support make it the best value for the money.

mSpy Verdict

I highly recommend mSpy to parents who need to protect their children or for any other legitimate and ethical use.​

  1. It’s really a clveer idea to create this kind of spy app. However, the only ones I can think of when it comes to those who would ever use this kind of app is more like geared towards the jealous girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, or husbands..LOL!I guess this one’s great for monitoring your children, or your teens about their activities.I guess it could also be used for company cellphones? But nevertheless, I think it really is a cool app!PS: Something’s wrong with your Commentluv plugin..

    • Thanks for your comment and it’s important to stress that we only recommend using this app for legitimate purposes. This is the vendor’s policy as well!