Perfect Privacy VPN Review – 2017

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Perfect Privacy VPN Review Summary

Perfect Privacy VPN is one of the highest-rated VPN services in the world. Originating in Switzerland, Perfect Privacy has been helping to make traffic private and anonymous since 2008. They have a very high reputation in the industry, and my testing has confirmed this. Perfect Privacy offers very strong privacy features, high speeds(even for torrenting) and the famous Swiss reliability and quality.

The one downside to Perfect Privacy is their prices, which like all things Swiss are definitely not cheap. I do feel that their product is worth the price if you’re serious about protecting your privacy and want to use torrenting or other file sharing methods with your VPN.

Perfect Privacy Company Information

The Perfect Privacy brand has been established in 2008 and its parent company is based in Switzerland and Panama. Both of these jurisdictions are very privacy-friendly. Switzerland, being a neutral country, is not under obligation to comply with any other laws besides its own. In other words, they will not comply with other countries’ requests for information on their users.

How can we be so sure? Since 2008 there have been no cases where Perfect Privacy would betray a customer’s anonymity. There is no reason for a successful company to renege on the same thing that has made them successful in the first place.

Perfect Privacy also doesn’t log or store anything, because the Swiss law doesn’t require them to do so. So why waste perfectly good disk space on logging?

Perfect Privacy Pricing & Plans

Perfect Privacy VPN pricing

As you see, Perfect Privacy costs slightly more than most of the US-based VPN products. Considering that for this price you get privacy from a neutral European country, reliable fast servers and an excellent set of functions like ad blocking, tracker blocking and more.

You can also use Perfect Privacy VPN on an unlimited number of devices – no limits!

Still, if you’re looking for a cheaper entry level VPN product from a similarly reputable cybersecurity company, we whole heartedly recommend Freedome VPN from the highly reputable Finnish company F-Secure.

You can pay for Perfect Privacy using any payment option under the sun, including Bitcoin – the golden standard for anonymous payments online. For the most privacy-oriented customers, even a cash payment option is offered. Just mail it to them in an envelope!

Perfect privacy payment options

Unless you insist, Perfect Privacy subscriptions are not recurrent (like with other less ethical vendors), so you don’t have to worry about unwanted renewals.

Refunds are given inside 7 days of purchase after you explain to their support rep what is the problem with the service.


Perfect Privacy offers customer support via email, a contact form on the website and they also have active forums where knowledgeable members help others.

I have sent a support ticket with the request to resend my credentials and got a response inside less than an hour. Fast!

Server Speed & Reliability

Perfect Privacy is transparent with its servers’ status and overload.

Their status page shows the bandwidth and the load on all of their servers. Having looked at it for a few days, I’ve noticed that the Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Stockholm servers are usually the busiest. Still they didn’t go over 60% load in my experience.

I have tested connection speeds via and got excellent speed from the Singapore server (close to my location):

This was practically the same speed I had without the VPN.

While connecting to Amsterdam I’ve got a significantly slower connection speed:

This is normal with VPN because the server is much further away from my location.

File Sharing With Perfect Privacy

As a policy, Perfect Privacy blocks torrent traffic on its US and French servers. This is to avoid legal trouble. I’ve tested a torrent download while on the Singapore server and it was successful.

Perfect Privacy File Sharing
the new Prison Break season is not that good though

Signing Up and Ease of Use

Perfect Privacy sign up
To sign up you only have to provide a working email and pay with any of the available methods (including anonymous bitcoin). No other private information is required.

Next, you will receive an email with your VPN credentials. Like this:

Perfect Privacy Welcome Email

You will then download the VPN client software for the platform or platforms of your choice. Windows, Android and Linux have a dedicated Perfect Privacy client while for the Mac and iOS you just download OpenVPN configuration files to use with third-party software.

Perfect Privacy Platforms

Following the instructions, you launch the Perfect Privacy VPN manager, enter your credentials from the welcome email and voila! You can connect to any of their VPN servers and use the Internet anonymously.

It’s really easy on Windows and requires an extra step(downloading a third-party TunnelBlick software) if you’re on a Mac.

Advanced Perfect Privacy Features

Since Perfect Privacy VPN is really a premium product, they offer many important abilities on top of your standard VPN encryption and traffic anonymization.

Cascaded connections

Cascaded(or, multi-hop) connections are a cool concept. With VPN your traffic usually goes to its destination through your chosen VPN server. With a cascaded connection, it reaches the destination after going through several(up to 4) different VPN servers. This prevents traffic correlation attacks on your traffic and is also useful for circumventing nation-wide imposed censorship in certain countries.

In this example, traffic is cascaded via Basel, London and Erfurt servers before reaching its destination. Each hop is fully encrypted.


Perfect Privacy’s client includes a configurable firewall with three different kill switches of firewall protection.

If a VPN connection is dropped, there is a risk of your traffic going through the normal Internet connection without any encryption. This will reveal your actual IP and location. Kill switches prevent this scenario.

Perfect Privacy’s firewall can be configured to to always route traffic through VPN (when connected) and never send the traffic unencrypted – even if the VPN client is not running. Another kill switch option is to always route traffic through VPN but only when the VPN client is running.

Stealth VPN

In some countries the usage of VPN is restricted because of national firewall filters. While Stealth VPN is activated, all VPN traffic is routed through a standard port like SSH or HTTPS. These ports are open everywhere because they are necessary for the basic Internet functionality, so no firewall blocks stealth VPN. The traffic is additionally obfuscated so not even Deep Packet Inspection can determine that you’re using a VPN.

You can choose the obfuscation method and the port through which traffic will be routed.


Perfect Privacy can block advertising, trackers, malware, fraud (phishing) sites and even “fake news” sites if that’s your cup of tea. It can also block all the tracking by our beloved overlords from Google and Facebook.

Perfect Privacy Trackstop

This is convenient because the blocking takes place on the server side. You never even download the ads that you don’t want to see on your device. This also saves you from having to run additional blocker software on your devices.

Just turn on the “Trackstop” switch in your Perfect Privacy member section and forget about intrusive ads and trackers.

VPN Security

Perfect Privacy VPN has a strong reputation for security and privacy, but it never hurts to double check.

I’ve run tests for DNS and torrent IP leaks. No leaks of either kind were detected.

Perfect Privacy No DNS leaks

When connected to the Singapore VPN server, my IP was determined as Singaporean both by the browser and by the torrent address detection.

Got any questions about this Perfect Privacy VPN review? Please ask in comments and rate this VPN below if you’ve had the chance to use it.

Disclaimer: we receive a small referral commission from Perfect Privacy VPN

Perfect Privacy VPN Review – 2017
Perfect Privacy offers a very impressive VPN service. High speeds for file sharing, strong emphasis on your privacy and anonymity, no logging and you can use it on an unlimited number of devices.This is a very mature VPN service that has been around since 2008 and is based in a neutral European country where very rich people privately keep their money. If you don’t mind the Swiss price, you’d do very well to use them for keeping your online activity private and anonymous.
Ease Of Use9.5
Privacy & Anonymity10
Reliability & Support9.5
Reader Rating1 Vote9.8
Very strong focus on privacy & anonymity
High speeds
Variety of payment methods
Great for file sharing and torrenting
Rich features
Easy to use VPN client
More expensive than an average VPN
No official VPN client for Mac
Final Score for Perfect Privacy VPN
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