How to Spy Texts on iPhone Without Installing Anything

The problem with the newest iPhones

One of the major barriers that stops people from legitimately monitoring iPhone texts(some people call it “spying on texts”) is the need to install the “text spy” or the mobile monitoring app.

Many people have a legitimate need to monitor iPhone texts (“spy on texts” in other words).

One problem they often run into is installing the mobile monitoring app (or the “text spy app” if you wish – it’s the same thing).

To install any cell phone spy app on an iPhone, you usually need to jailbreak the device and then go through the installation process.

It’s not a big deal, but not every iPhone can be jailbroken.

When a new iOS version is released by Apple, it takes a bit of time until the Chinese jailbreak teams (like Pangu) to release a jailbreak.

During that gap you usually you cannot install a text spy app on an iPhone with the newest, most updated iOS version.

The no jailbreak solution

mspy no jailbreak monitoring

Fortunately, mSpy came up with a clever solution to this problem.

Since all the texts and chats are backed up on iCloud by default, we don’t really need to install anything on the iPhone.

We can simply take all the texts and chats from the iCloud backup!

Since we don’t have to install anything on the iPhone, there is no need to jailbreak it.

The only thing mSpy needs to monitor texts and chats is the iCloud password.

Once you feed the iCloud email and password to mSpy, it will use to retrieve all the needed information from the iCloud backups.

This monitoring method works on all iPhones, even with the newest iOS versions.

mSpy called this monitoring method the “no-jailbreak solution” because, guess what, there is no need to jailbreak the iPhone and customers save themselves all the hassle involved.

What data can you get with the no-jalibreak solution?

With the no-jailbreak solution, mSpy can spy on WhatsApp, Skype, LINE, iMessages texts and of course, regular SMS texts.

It cannot spy on Telegram and Tinder chats without jailbreak, because these apps don’t store backups on iCloud.

Other mSpy features are also available with the no-jailbreak: Call logs, contact list, locations and more.

Read more detailed information at our mSpy 2016 review by a real user​.

How much does it cost?

“No-jailbreak” mSpy costs $29.99 for one month of basic service (no spying on WhatsApp chats, only SMS texts) and $69.99 for one month of Premium which includes all the text and chat apps.

Can other spy apps do the same?

Another spy app called MobiStealth offers a no-jailbreak solution and this would be our second recommendation after mSpy.

What if I don’t know the iCloud password?

We only recommend legitimate usage of text spy apps, on a phone that you personally own and is used by teenagers or your employees.

In this case you can simply ask them for the password because you own the phone.

If you’re in a situation where you don’t necessarily want to reveal your usage of a text spy app, use a keylogger such as Aobo in order to find out the password.

No-jailbreak features are not enough for me, I need the advanced spy abilities

In this case, you can install mSpy on a jailbroken iPhone or use FlexiSPY which can record iPhone calls and listen to them live.

Best Text Spy App

mSpy offers the most elegant and easy to use text spy app that doesn’t require installation on an iPhone