StealthGenie Cell Phone Spy Review

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StealthGenie is a powerful cell phone spy software that can monitor different phones remotely in an invisible manner.

How Does StealthGenie Work?

StealthGenie works on the phone you want to monitor. It works on almost all versions of Android, iOS and Blackberry and on all networks.

Before buying it you need to make sure that your phone. You can check it on the compatibility page.

After buying a subscription, you will need to install it into the destination phone. The installation process is simple and assistance is available.

This diagram describes precisely how StealthGenie works:

how StealthGenie works

how StealthGenie works

Control The Monitored Phone Remotely

From your dashboard you can send remote commands to the monitored phone.

For example, you can send a command to backup the data to wipe the phone or to pause the application:

how StealthGenie remote control works

how  remote control works

How To Use StealthGenie

When you login to your user dashboard, you see the collected information from the cell phone.

There are separate tabs for call logs, text messages, emails, etc. on the left

stealthgenie dashboard

Your user dashboard

For example, when you click on the “SMS Log” tab, all the texts sent and received by the device will be displayed.

StealthGenie SMS log

SMS log dashboard

In the same way, all the other information is displayed in separate tabs.

Call logs, Recorded Surroundings, Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Photos and Videos taken by the cell phone, browsing history and location history – they are all monitored by this software. 

There is even an option to record calls if you use the Premium package.​

Software Packages

Some of the features are available only in the ‘Premium’ package – specifically, Skype and Viber chat monitoring, recording the surroundings and geofencing.


StealthGenie Premium package is priced at $199 a year and the Basic package is priced at $59.99 for 3 months.

Free StealthGenie trial

A trial of StealthGenie for free is not offered, however there is a money-back guarantee in case the software doesn’t function correctly.


Despite a few drawbacks, such as lack of support for Facebook chats, StealthGenie is an easy to use and reliable mobile monitoring software.

It can be a perfect solution for legitimate monitoring needs.

Important 2016 Update

StealthGenie has been discontinued due to legal issues and is no longer available for purchase.

We recommend mSpy for monitoring iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and FlexiSPY for Android devices as excellent replacements for Stealth Genie.