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Everything You Wanted To Know About FlexiSPY (But Were Afraid To Ask)

For this article we have collected answers to the questions that people have been repeatedly asking about FlexiSpy. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please write a comment and we will answer you as soon as we can. Quick Navigation FlexiSPY Frequently Asked Questions​ How to install FlexiSPY remotely, without touching the phone? […]

FlexiSPY Review 2017 – Best Cell Phone Spy?

[Estimados lectores de hipertextual.com: el artículo sobre el FlexiSPY en Mr. Robot está aquí.] Our mission at Spycasa is to provide the best quality information about security software for our readers, because they deserve the best. Since we have tested FlexiSPY a lot, we will share all we have learned with you. You might find this review […]

What Cell Phone Spy App is Featured on HBO Series VICE?

“State of Surveillance”, Episode 4.13 of the HBO series VICE features an incredible demonstration of cell phone spy app capabilities. The featured app is so powerful that Edward Snowden feels the need to demonstrate how to physically disable cell phone’s mic and camera(see image above) so that journalists will be safe from tracking and spying. […]

Depiction Of Android Spyware in Mr. Robot?

So, what Android spyware does appear in Mr. Robot?  In the “Debug” (“eps1.2_d3bug.mkv”) episode of the awesome Mr. Robot TV series, Tyrell Wellick, the show’s antagonist so far, is shown installing a backdoor on a lover’s phone in order to steal corporate secrets. The target is in the shower and his phone is unattended — Tyrell only […]

The 3 Unbelievable Ways They Can Spy On Your Tinder

Disclaimer: Information is provided here solely for educational purposes. With more than 50 million active users, it’s surprising how few people know that it’s easy to spy on Tinder messages. Read on to discover how it can be done. Tinder is a mobile app that has come out of nowhere to dominate the global dating […]