Which VPNs Work With Netflix In June 2017?

Unblocking Netflix

Unblocking Netflix is one of the main reasons for using a VPN, as Netflix is famously using ‘geo-blocking’ to keep non-US IP addresses out of its US media library. Yet, Netflix is also heavily committed to block VPNs and proxy servers for those trying to bypass the geo-blocking.

Researching which VPNs still work with Netflix can be a bit frustrating, because the situation is very dynamic. A VPN provider that managed to unblock Netflix last month might be banned by Netflix this month. It’s a constant cat and mouse game.

We have researched the most recent reports from real people who are using VPN to watch Netflix outside of the US.

VPNs That Work With Netflix in June 2017

1. Torguard with a dedicated streaming IP

Torguard VPN offers a dedicated IP for watching Netflix for extra $4 a month. Their regular service costs $59.99 and you’d have to pay the extra $4 a month for guaranteed Netflix streaming.
According to their support:

We can offer a streaming dedicated IP for US Netflix at $4 per month which includes a 50% discount. This IP will be replaced free of charge if ever blocked.

This will work with our VPN service. At this moment we are more then pleased to announce that we have streaming IPS in the following countries:
USA – France – Spain – Germany – Japan – UK – Canada – Italy – Mexico via Panama and Costa Rica

This comment about Torguard + Dedicated IP is the highest upvoted comment in reddt’s NetflixViaVPN community

2. VyprVPN

VyprVPN works for a few users on reddit’s NetflixViaVPN community

3. NordVPN

NordVPN seems to work with Netflix at least for some users. It is also the cheapest option currently, with the $79 for 2 years deal.

4. ExpressVPN

Reddit users report that ExpressVPN also works for Netflix geo-unblocking.


Overall, there are at least 4 VPN providers that still manage to unblock Netflix in June 2017:

To research more VPN features and options, use our VPN selection tool.