Why FlexiSPY is the Best Tracking App For Your Phone

FlexiSPY Tracking App in 2014

As a mobile security expert, I’ve been hearing about FlexiSPY since 2005 – a long time. People would tell me how they’d heard about this tracking app and how they’d been worrying about it. What if it’s installed my Nokia phone? Even then it was difficult even for a professional to detect FlexiSPY running on their phone.

Surprisingly, FlexiSPY has stayed on the market from 2005 till now. We’ve tested the new versions of their products, and at least one thing hasn’t changed since then. It’s still the top tracking app on the market.

Like all modern tracking apps, FlexiSPY has the core functionality of tracking instant messenger chats, emails, GPS locations, call logs and SMS messages.

Where FlexiSPY shines is the extra features lacking in other tracking apps, the software quality and the excellent customer support.

Before reading on, we’d like to remind you that like with every tracking app, you should use FlexiSPY only in accordance with the laws of your jurisdiction. We don’t endorse any illegal usage of this software.

FlexiSPY Versions

FlexiSPY versions and pricing

FlexiSPY versions and pricing

FlexiSPY comes in two versions: Premium and Extreme.

FlexiSPY Premium includes all the core features you’d expect from a leading tracking app plus really nice extras like the ability to monitor more than 13 instant messengers, capture passwords and run in an absolutely invisible stealth mode.

FlexiSPY Extreme adds the unique abilities of live call interception, call recording and spy call (you can listen to phone’s surroundings live).

While FlexiSPY Premium’s capabilities are comparable with the other leading tracking apps, like mSpy remote monitoring and Highster Mobile, FlexiSPY Extreme adds features that no other product in the industry has.

If you’re looking for a commercial tracking app that allows you to intercept and record calls and to listen to phone’s surroundings (“spy call), there’s simply no alternative to FlexiSPY Extreme on the market.

A Close Look at FlexiSPY Features

Flexispy product

One of the best FlexiSPY capabilities is an accomplished SMS tracker that spies on more than 13 different messaging apps: WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Skype, iMessage(on the iPhone) and others. FlexiSPY gives their customers full coverage of the phone’s communications and messaging, and this SMS tracker is available in both FlexiSPY version.

One of the most important things about phone tracking is knowing where the phone is located at any given moment. Both FlexiSPY Premium and Extreme offer a state-of-the-art GPS tracker that shows history of the tracked phone’s GPS locations on an easy to use map. It will even trace phone’s movement on the map, so that you can know what route did the phone owner take.

FlexiSPY keylogger, or a Password Cracker by another name, will capture all the passwords used on the phone: both passwords for different web services like facebook or email, and the passcode used to unlock the phone. This unique function is available as a paid upgrade to FlexiSPY Premium and is included in FlexiSPY Extreme.

Live call interception and recording is a special ability of FlexiSPY Extreme. It is not available in any other product on the market. What it enables you to do is get a notification when the target phone is engaging in a phone call. Then you secretly dial the target phone and join the call as a third party, but without anybody else knowing. This is the way to find out information that isn’t being shared by messaging or email.
You can also record the call and it will be available in your private cabinet in FlexiSPY user portal.

Remote camera and Record surroundings: at any moment you can secretly activate the camera and/or the microphone to see and hear what the phone sees and hears. It lets you be a fly on the wall, because it happens absolutely invisibly for anybody else.

FlexiSPY User Portal

FlexiSPY user portal

FlexiSPY user portal

To get all the information from the phone, you login to FlexiSPY customer portal. It is a modern and clean web application that makes it easy for a customer to find and access anything which is important for them. All the photos and call recordings are stored on a fast and efficient server so downloading them is a breeze.

FlexiSPY Technical Support

FlexiSPY customer support

Customer support provided by FlexiSPY has a deservedly good reputation. It’s available live
on their website to resolve any customer problems.

FlexiSPY Pricing Plans and Refund Policy

FlexiSPY Premium is available as a monthly ($68), trimonthly ($99) or a yearly ($149) license.

FlexiSPY Extreme with the exclusive call interception and recording abilities is available as a trimonthly($199) or a yearly license ($349).

FlexiSPY’s refund policy is to refund their customers in 10 days from purchase. That is, if for any reason the customer is not satisfied with his purchase, they can get their money back within 10 days from a purchase.

FlexiSPY compatibility

Both FlexiSPY versions run on all modern smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems. FlexiSPY even runs on the newest iOS 8 version, so it works on iPhone 6.

FlexiSPY is the top tracking app on the market due to its innovative features, modern customer portal and quality customer support. If you need a reliable cell phone tracker to protect your children or company phone, FlexiSPY is definitely a great choice.

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Snippy says 3 weeks ago

What if I do not have access to the phone I need tracked? I only need a two week subscription?

    Editorial Staff says 3 weeks ago

    Hi, unfortunately it’s impossible to install a real tracking app without physical access to the phone. If it’s an iPhone and you know the iCloud password you can still use mSpy, as it will deliver the data from the iCloud.

    The shortest subscription you can get is one month, both for FlexiSpy and for mSpy.

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