Windscribe: The Free VPN That Doesn’t Suck – 2017 Review

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If you’ve been researching VPNs, you must have seen the advice to never use a free VPN. The majority of free VPNs are low quality, limited, full of ads and sometimes even malware-infested services. See our VPN blacklist for examples. But it doesn’t have to be so. Windscribe, A Canadian startup has figured out how to give an extremely generous free VPN service to the world while maintaining high standards of service and software.

Besides, who can argue with free?

Windscribe Company Information

Windscribe is a Canadian startup whose mission is to create easy yet powerfull privacy and anti-surveillance tools. The founders have realized that a VPN by itself doesn’t provide 100% privacy and anonymity. When using a VPN you are still tracked by multiple trackers which plant surveillance cookies in your browser. Your browser can also be easily “fingerprinted” due to a unique combination of data points that browsers give away by default: user agent string, installed plugins and other information about your device.

Windscribe’s idea is to solve this problem with a seamless combo of a VPN and a browser plugin that blocks tracking cookies and randomizes the browser’s fingerprints. You don’t need anymore to try to juggle different VPN apps, ad blocker and other browser plugins recommended in various privacy guides. Windscribe’s tools work in synergy to protect your privacy and give you all the other VPN benefits.

In just one year of operation, Windscribe has reached 1 million users.

WindScribe Pricing & Plans

Windscribe has two tiers of service.

Free Tier

Limited to one device, 8 locations and 2 GB of data monthly . After you verify your email, it becomes 10 GB monthly!

This is already generous compared to the other free VPN providers, but currently Windscribe is running a crazy promotion: 50GB monthly completely for free. Keep reading to find out how to get this promotion or click here to go to the details.

You can only use the free tier service via their official client and browser extension. OpenVPN and IKEv2 configurations are only available for paid members.

Paid Tier

Windscribe neither injects ads nor sells your data to third parties like some unscrupulous “free” VPN vendors. The only way they make money is from the paid tier of service. With the paid tier you get unlimited bandwidth, 45 locations and the option to use the VPN with any OpenVPN or IKEv2 client.

It costs $9/m if charged monthly or $90 for the whole year. And there is yet another promotion running, which gives you a lifetime subscription to the service for only $79.

Refund policy

Refunds are given, no questions asked, within 3 days of purchase (unless the customer has used more than 10 GB of traffic).

Signing Up and Ease Of Use

It’s very easy to start using Windscribe for free 50GB of monthly bandwidth. Just sign up using this link and provide an email (it can be a throwaway).

After confirming your email and receiving a Chuck Norris approval GIF, go to your account setting, click on claim voucher and enter the code 50GBFREE

After you claim the voucher, your account will be upgraded.

Now, download the extension for the browser that you use and the client for your device: Windows, Mac, Linux or an iPhone. Android app is still not available but it’s coming very soon.

Where Windscribe really shines is the slickness and the ease of use of their apps.

All the features are easy to find and to modify. The different locations are clearly marked with their connection speed and in some rare cases “no p2p” icon. The firewall (killswitch feature) is very prominent in the app UI.

Same goes for the browser extension

Very easy to change location and to modify privacy features.

Browser Extension

Browser extension is what differentiates Windscribe from other VPN providers. While the extension works on its own, the best way to use Windscribe is to run both the app and the extension.

The browser extension features much needed privacy features like ad blocking, tracker blocking, social media blocking (when you’re really tired of the Facebook like button everywhere – just block it) and user agent string randomization. This stops ad companies from tracking you, which they do if you’re connected with just a VPN.

Privacy and Anonymity

Since we store the bare minimum for a customer to actually use our service, any request for user data would yield nothing of value. We do not store any logs on who used what IP address, so we cannot tie user activity to any single user.

Windscribe is engaged in a lot of privacy advocacy online. They make a strong effort to educate users about privacy concepts.

Their privacy policy states that no data is logged besides bandwidth usage. Connection data is expired and discarded after session termination. Anonymous Bitcoin payments are accepted by the service, and email is not required during sign up.

The company even promises to move to another jurisdiction if this privacy policy is not sustainable in their current location (Canada).

Windscribe Support

Support is available by submitting a ticket to the support desk or by direct email. In my testing, I’ve received a quick reply to a submitted support ticket.

Detailed setup guides are available for the supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, popular browsers, Android, iOS, routers and even a NAS device.

Server Speed & Reliability

I have tested both the free and the paid tiers of Windscribe VPN.

The speeds on both tiers were similar and I haven’t detected any discrimination of free users.

Connection without VPN:

connection speed without any VPN

Connection speed with Windscribe VPN (Singapore location):

connected via Singapore

Connection speed with Windscribe VPN (US East location):

connection via New York VPN location

Windscribe doesn’t have a server status page, instead the app shows connection speed bars next to each location. This way you know which location will have fast download speed – usually it will be the one close to you geographically.

According to the company’s response, the “status page” is the actual application’s location selection menu. It’s updated in real time. Individual servers are not exposed, only locations which have multiple servers.

File Sharing

File sharing is fine from almost all of Windscribe’s locations. The app shows a “p2p banned” icon next to the locations that don’t allow p2p file sharing. During my testing, the only location that didn’t allow file sharing was India.


Windscribe offers advanced features that every modern VPN must have:


By default, traffic is configured to always go through the VPN. If the VPN connection drops, your traffic will be blocked by the firewall so you don’t leak your actual IP.

Stealth VPN

Windscribe offers a stealth VPN mode where your traffic is routed through a port normally used by basic Internet applications (like telnet or FTP). This circumvents the Chinese censorship of VPN traffic.

Double Hop (Cascaded Connection)

Your traffic can be routed through two different VPN locations, thus making it more complicated to track you. This is implemented in an ingenious way: you connect to location #1 in the Windscribe app, then connect to location #2 in the Windscribe browser extension.

Cruise Control

This Windscribe extension feature automatically connects you to the location closest to you and also helps you circumvent geo-blocked content.

Platforms Supported

Windows, Mac, iOS: native app

Linux, Android: pro only with OpenVPN configuration

Browser extension – Chrome, Firefox, Opera

Additionally can be configured on routers that support OpenVPN

VPN Security

While testing, I have detected no DNS or IPv6 leaks.

Windscribe VPN Review – 2017
Windscribe is the best free VPN on the market today in 2017 with a very generous bandwidth quota (50GB). It has all the standard VPN features and in addition it provides an excellent ad/tracker blocker via its browser extension. Excellent choice for someone looking for a free and secure way to start using a VPN.And it’s not only my opinion. Windscribe chrome extension has an average rating of 4.7 on the iOS app store, 4.5 in the chrome web store (1771 ratings) and an average rating of 4 stars on Firefox. Very Impressive.
Ease of use10
Privacy & Anonymity9
Reliability & Support8
Reader Rating1 Vote9.2
Strong privacy policy: no logging
Fantastic Free tier with 50GB monthly bandwidth
Company strongly promotes privacy and anonymity concepts
App and browser extension have excellent design and are very easy to use
Good connection speeds
File sharing allowed almost on all location, including US
No Android native app – coming soon
No live chat support
Located in a 5 eyes jurisdiction (Canada)
Final score